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Do you feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks and responsibilities you have?

Are you tired of struggling to get your accounting done?

Are you looking for a simple solution and want to trust someone to be an indispensable asset to your productivity?

We have the solutions that will allow you to perform and focus, so that you can get back to doing what you do best for your business.

We provide the following services to help free up your time:


Personal income tax returns

  • Self-employed workers
  • Commissioned salespeople
  • Income properties


  • Tax reporting

Payroll services

  • Source deduction reports
  • CCQ

Various forms

  • T4/RL-1 slip (Relevé 1)
  • T5/RL-3 slip (Relevé 3)
  • T3/RL-16 slip (Relevé 16)
  • Other

Corporate income tax returns

Tax planning



Voluntary disclosures

Pension applications

Other services

Let us provide guidance and advice so that you can optimize your tax planning.

Invest your energy in what you do best by delegating cumbersome tasks.

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